Edible Sugar Sheets A4 Size (30 Sheet / Pack)

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  • Product Code Edible Sugar Sheets A4 Size (30 Sheet / Pack)
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Our cake decoration sheets are bound to bring out the superb crafted decorations that change your cakes from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of an eye without any messy or tedious procedure.

How to use edible sheets simply on a cake:

Create your individual cake designs in seconds with our edible sugar sheet decoration.

  • Bake your favorite cakes, cupcakes or pie and allow it to cool. Straighten the surface of your cake. Peel off the transparent film from the backside of the sugar sheet.
  • It is advisable to fix the cake-top on a cream cake. Cake-to decorations need some more time to blend into icing or fondant. When icing is dry, spray a light mist of edible glue or brush with Bexter Cold Gel. You can also spread melted chocolate on the cake. Place the edible sugar sheet on upper surface of the cake with gentle pressure and adjust it.
  • Then finally decorate the cake with cream or spray glaze.
Suggested uses -

  • Edible sugar sheets work best when applied on moist cream topping or gel. Use whip cream, butter cream, glazes icing, gum paste, nougat, candy, ice cream or even white/dark chocolate drizzle surface. It can also be applied to any confectionery product that has a smooth surface.
Pack Size:- 1 Pkt = 30 Sheets 1 Carton = 300 Sheets

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